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Nutrition, Reflections

Alcohol: What's The Harm?

In part one “Sober for October” I talked about drinking habits and guidelines for weekly alcohol limits. Now we’ve taken an honest look into how much we drink (those of us who do in fact drink alcohol at least), let’s take a step back… Why might we want to limit our intake in terms of our health goals - sleep, mood, digestive health and training goals? And what tips could we use to take a booze break?
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Food, Nutrition

My Top 8 Healthy Cooking Hacks

When it comes to healthy eating, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to easy access to recipes and food inspiration. But how confident do you feel in the kitchen and how much time are you willing to spend on healthy eating? This can be a real obstacle when it comes to achieving your health goals, and so I am going to share some of my top 8 cooking hacks to help save you some time, preparation and perhaps some money too :)
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Nutrition, Reflections

To Snack or Not to Snack?

Little and often, 3 square meals a day or less? When it comes to weight loss and health, it’s not just what and how much we eat that can make a difference, but also when, and how often. As with everything else health and nutrition related, there are different approaches and of course, conflicting theories….
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Nutrition, Reflections

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s hard to escape the indulgence that surrounds us in December. But is it inevitable that we’ll gain weight over the holidays, or is that perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy? And what can we do to minimise the impact on our waistlines, and not throw all notion of healthy eating out of the window?
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Nutrition, Reflections

Meat Free Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

First of all, I’m not a vegan, vegetarian or even a pescetarian.  I’ll state from the outset that personally I don’t have a problem with the concept of eating fish, meat or animal products so that’s not what this blog is about. I do however, completely respect different beliefs in this area, and love working with (a growing number of) vegetarian clients.  

Secondly, I can’t claim to be an active environmentalist.  Don’t get me wrong, I care about the planet, but other than reusing plastic bags, recycling, and being selective with certain cleaning products and cosmetics (no microbeads, thanks!) I’ll admit that there is a lot more I could be doing.

 So why exactly am I writing a blog about reducing meat? 


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11 Ways to Help Boost Detoxification

Now that Christmas is over you’re probably heading into January with good intentions towards your health. You’re not alone either; January’s the month where colleagues and friends chatter vaguely about ‘detoxing’ and making a fresh start to the year. But what is detoxing, really, and how can you do it properly?
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