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Winter Kitchen

January is a great time to get in the kitchen and start cooking and stocking up on healthy meals. This winter menu is great to get you started, and can be easily adapted for your particular needs and health goals. Best of all it combines nutritious food with great flavour!


Home-made Granola
An easy, make-ahead alternative to store bough breakfast cereals, packed with slow release energy and essential fatty acids. A natural sugar alternative plus cinnamon makes this ideal to support blood sugar balance as well as delicious.
Depending on your needs, this can be made with or without gluten free oats to provide complex carbohydrates and add soluble fibre.

Suitable for vegan diets as well as gluten and dairy free programmes.

Rubbed Kale Salad
Salads don’t just have to be for summer – this rubbed kale salad is an easy and delicious way to include raw vegetables into your diet in the winter months. Versatile and easy to make, it can be adapted in many different ways, depending on your taste and health goals. Kale is packed with compounds to support detoxification as well as providing many other nutritious benefits.

This can be adapted for vegetarian and vegan diets and is suitable for gluten and dairy free programmes.

Turkey Meatballs
Packed with lean protein and flavour, these meatballs can be easily frozen once cooked for quick, healthy and convenient dinners during the week. Vegetables are snuck into both the meatballs and the sauce to help boost your daily intake, and are perfect for fussy eaters!

Suitable for gluten and dairy free programmes.

Vegetarian, Vegan or looking for some Meat Free Monday options? There’s a dinner for you too!

Lentil and Quinoa Curry

This vegan option is also freezer friendly, and absolutely delicious. Combining lentils and quinoa helps to provide a complete protein, as well as providing slow release carbohydrates.
Suitable for vegan diets as well as gluten and dairy free programmes.

Healthy resolutions don’t necessarily mean that you have to go without any treats! Home-made, nutritious treats can be made and stored in the fridge or freezer, ready for when you want them.

Walnut and Tahini Brownies
This is a raw food recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth, and is a good source of healthy fats, and protein. Raw cacao can help to curb chocolate cravings and is a good source of antioxidants.

Suitable for vegan diets as well as gluten and dairy free programmes.

Like the sound of the recipes listed above? Contact me for more information and to book a cooking tutorial/freezer stocking session.

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