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The initial consultation is only a small part of the process when it comes to designing your personal nutrition programme. Preparation starts before your scheduled appointment and using additional information from the session, your nutritional therapist creates your plan. This is then written up after your consultation and emailed to you.

Prior to your initial consultation

You are asked to complete and return a health questionnaire.

This allows your nutritional therapist to start work before you meet, looking at areas for further investigation and preparing accordingly so that you get the most from your consultation.

During your initial consultation

Your nutritional therapist will talk through your health questionnaire – asking more detailed questions over specific areas of interest.

In the second part of the consultation your nutritional therapist will outline the areas that your nutrition plan will focus on, recommend testing where relevant, and discuss a food and supplement plan with you.

You Nutritional Therapy focuses on empowering you to make food choices in support of your health goals – not just for the duration of your programme, but for the long term. Your food plan provides you with recipes, ideas and guidance, and the emphasis is always on inclusion – providing you with a list of healthy foods that will fit into your plan. Your nutritional therapist will take into consideration your taste preferences, cooking skills and lifestyle to provide a plan that is realistic and achievable for you. (Additional cooking support is also available for those less confident in the kitchen). Supplements are also discussed during the consultation and information handouts are provided to help get you started.

AFTER your consultation

Your nutritional therapist will write up your plan, which includes guidelines and recommendations as well as a food list, recipe suggestions, a supplement plan and details of testing if recommended. This will be sent to you via email, typically 48 hours following your consultation.

The consultation is between 1 ½ and 2 hours

Follow up consultation

Your follow up consultation is an opportunity to monitor progress, discuss any test results and make amendments to your plan where necessary.  It can also provide you with an opportunity to discuss challenges, and any concerns as well as helping to keep you motivated.

Follow up consultataions generally take place every two weeks but may depend on the level of support you require and the recommendation of your nutritional therapist. 

The follow up consultation is between 45 minutes and 1 hour


Confident you Weight Loss Programmes

[Confident:you - full info]

This 12 week programme starts with the initial nutrition consultation followed by 5 fortnightly follow up sessions to check progress and make adjustments where necessary.

Confident You Weight Loss Programme: £600
(This can be paid in 2 instalments of £300)

Initial consultation plus 5 follow up sessions

Confident You Transformation Programme

This 12 week programme combines the nutritional therapy sessions of the weight loss programme with personal training. Personal training sessions are held twice a week (a total of 24 sessions).

Confident You Transformation Programme: £1800
(This can be paid in 3 instalments of £600)

Initial consultation plus 5 follow up sessions plus 24 personal training sessions.

6 Week New You Transformation Programme (On Demand): £250

Buy here

Personal Training

[Personal Training - full info]

Personal training sessions are carried out in your own home, garden or local outdoor space (within a 5 mile radius of KT19)

Each session is 1 hour
£50 per session
Minimum 4 sessions
Partner sessions: £70 per session 

Yoga sessions are 1 hour
£50 per session
Minimum 4 sessions
Partner or small groups: £70 per session (2- 4 people)

Cooking Sessions

[Cooking Sessions - full info]

Cooking tutorial or fridge/freezer stocking with recipes from the seasonal menu. Please contact us for details.

Each session is approximately 3 hours and prepares 3 meals. Cooking sessions are accompanied by an informal nutrition discussion and it all takes place in the comfort and convenience of your own home (within a 5 mile radius of KT19).

Ingredients are priced separately and will be discussed prior to the cooking session.

Individual session: £150
Two people: £100 each
Three people: £65 each
Four people: £50 each

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