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Cooking Sessions

A passion for healthy and delicious food forms the basis of your nutrition plan – adapting recipes in line with your individual programme.

We appreciate that not everyone has the time or skills to invest in the kitchen and that is where You Nutritional Therapy can provide additional support.

Cooking sessions will take you through a selection of 3 recipes prepared in the familiar surroundings of your own kitchen. Each recipe prepares four portions or more, so you can store the leftovers, or save them for family and friends. During the session your nutritional therapist will talk you through the nutritional benefits of each meal, how to adapt it to your needs, and take you through it step by step to increase your confidence in the kitchen.

Fridge/Freezer Stocking

Cooking sessions can be provided on an individual basis to help you get started, or continue with your nutrition plan when you feel that you need a helping hand.


Individual sessions £150 for a morning or afternoon (plus ingredients)

Session for 2 people £100 each

Session for 3 people £65 each

Session for 4 people £50 each

*Cooking sessions take place within a 5 mile radius of KT19.

Ingredients are priced separately and will be discussed prior to the cooking session.

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