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Corporate Nutrition

It goes without saying that a healthy workforce is more likely to be a happy and productive one – which is why more and more companies are choosing to invest in employee wellbeing.

Breakfast or lunchtime seminars and workshops are an easy way to promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices and on-site fitness classes and personal training can also be arranged.

Nutrition Talks

Eating to Boost Resilience
This talk focuses on how to support your body better to cope with stress by looking at blood sugar balance and food sources of nutrients to support the adrenal glands and other systems. Practical advice is given on putting together meals and snacks based on these principles.

Take home recipes are provided.

Fuelling Performance

This sports nutrition talk is ideal for employees with a keen interest in working out, or who may compete in sporting events. This talk focuses on fuelling the body to get the most out of training, recovery and improving performance. It covers nutrition before, during and after training or events, for both endurance and strength based activities.

Samples can be provided of a homemade sports drink and recipes provided for post workout recovery smoothies.

Healthy Weight Loss

This talk is ideal for employees who may have tried calorie restricted diets in the past, and who may be confused with all the conflicting dieting information out there! Far from counting calories, this talk focuses on the healthy foods to include in your diet for long and sustained weight loss as well as easy portion control and mindful eating principles.

For a more supportive approach regular lunch time group weight loss sessions can also be arranged.

Hand outs of top tips and some recipes are provided.


Often a buzz word in the realms of dieting, this talk covers what detoxification is, how poor detoxification can affect health and how nutrition can support the body’s detoxification processes. Just as importantly the talk also focuses on how to reduce our overall toxic load in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Handouts with tips and detoxification support recipes are provided. Detoxification support smoothies can also be made up to sample.

Sustainable Energy

This talk covers the basic principles of nutrition and energy production in the body, and the specific nutrients that help carbohydrates, fats and protein get converted into energy. We look at why energy slumps can occur during the day and how to avoid them.

Practical meal and snack suggestions to help boost and sustain energy levels are provided.

Immune Support

This talk looks at how to support the immune system through diet, focusing on foods sources of immune boosting nutrients and supplements for added support. We also look at what can negatively affect the immune system and how different systems in the body can impact immunity.

Practical examples of immune boosting meals and recipes are provided.

December Health

As well as focusing on supporting the immune system (as above), this talk gives employees some very practical advice on surviving the holiday season in good health! From supporting the liver and detoxification to making sure that parties and festive meals don’t undo all the healthy hard work for the rest of the year - we will give some useful tips to indulge the healthier way!

Handouts with top tips and take home points, along with healthier Christmas recipes are provided.

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops

Healthy recipes can be prepared as part of a demonstration or a more interactive workshop. These recipes can be based on overall healthy eating or cater to a specific theme.

Individual Employee Nutritional Therapy Sessions:

These can be carried out on site, and taster sessions can be provided as part of a corporate wellbeing day.

Consultations are also available to discuss on site food selections.

For more information on corporate offerings please contact me.

Onsite Fitness Classes and Personal Training

You provide the space, time and employees and let You Nutritional Therapy does the rest! 45 minute or 1 hour workout sessions can be arranged for before work or during lunch breaks.

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