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Premium Packages

For the next level of support

For optimal wellness and tailored support You Nutritional Therapy offers a range of premium packages. Whether it is more energy, improved overall wellbeing, sports performance or specific health issues you want support with, your nutritional therapist will work closely with you to help you achieve your goal.

Fully Personalised

Nutritional status testing alongside food intolerance and genetic testing at the start of the programme provides a solid foundation, which combined with your health history, lifestyle and current symptoms, helps your nutritional therapist to provide a fully personalised programme for you.

NutrEval test

This is an overall nutritional status report, which can help us to understand your individual diet and supplement needs. Antioxidant, B vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids are tested for because deficiencies or imbalances in these areas can contribute to a range of health conditions and could affect your risk of certain diseases.


(Silver and Gold Packages only)

You are not just what you eat, but also what you digest and absorb!  As the main interface between the food on your plate and the rest of your body, a healthy gut is crucial for optimal health. A range of symptoms and conditions can be triggered by or exacerbated by poor gut health, even in the absence of obvious digestive symptoms.

The GI EcologiX test examines the gut microbiome (the bacteria that reside in our gut) and any imbalances, as well as detecting harmful pathogens, inflammatory markers and immune response, as well as increased gut permeability.

This test can provide valuable information for a targeted gut support programme.


(Gold package only)

Hormonal imbalances or insufficiencies can be linked to a range of health symptoms and conditions.

The Dutch Plus test is an easy and non invasive urine and saliva test that does not just measure levels of sex hormones, but also their matebolites to give a complete picture of hormonal health within the body.  The Cortisol Awakening Response detects levels of this important adrenal hormone, which can be affected during periods of stress and dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

This test can provide valuable information for dietary and lifestyle interventions to help restore balance.

In the Comfort of your Own Home

Fortnightly at home consultations provide greater convenience for you and a higher level of bespoke support. These consultations can include lifestyle and practical recommendations, such as recipe demonstrations and cooking sessions.

Personal Training sessions can also be included in or added onto these sessions.

To help keep you on track, boost motivation and help cover any queries along the way a fortnightly Skype or phone call in between consultations can be arranged so that you have weekly support.


Each of the premium packages are designed for you and your nutritional therapist to work closely together on achieving your health goals.

For this reason a no obligation, free of charge, 15 minute initial pre-consultation Skype call allows you to discuss your needs prior to booking.


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