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Sports Nutrition - Stronger You

It goes without saying that nutrition has a significant impact on performance, and if you are training regularly and are serious about what you do, you will understand the importance of nourishing your body to improve performance, recovery and regeneration. 

No matter what sport you are involved in (endurance, strength or power based) You Nutritional Therapy can provide support to help you get the most out your training, support your recovery process and help you to reach weight targets in a healthy way.


Stronger You sports nutrition goes well beyond the basic macronutrient balance (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and focuses on helping to correct any imbalances first of all to lay the foundations of your personalised programme. The initial consultation will focus on this and testing is often recommended, for example:

  • Genetic testing can identify your power/endurance ratio, your recovery rate and aerobic potential, as well as your genetic need for certain nutrients (eg. Vitamin D, folic acid and vitamin B12)
  • Adrenal stress profiles and other hormone tests can help identify overtraining or any imbalances that could affect your performance and overall health.
  • Essential Fatty Acid testing can identify imbalances in the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid families, which can be useful in helping to manage inflammation and recovery.
  • Food intolerance testing can identify intolerant foods that could affect weight gain, digestive issues and energy levels.


Training and recovery often require a higher demand for micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and other compounds) that cannot always be met by food alone.

For professional athletes only supplements within the Informed Sports range are selected across a broad range of brands to ensure that all batches are tested and free from banned substances. A 15% discount at The Natural Dispensary is provided for all sports nutrition clients.


Once the foundations are laid and the supplements selected, ergogenics can be considered to help optimise performance. Ergogenics can enhance your energy use, recovery and can also help to provide a mental and physical “edge”. Far removed from performance enhancing drugs, common ergogenics in the Stronger You programme can include specific micronutrients, amino acids and electrolytes. For the professional athlete only ergogenics within the Informed Sports range are recommended.


The old adage of never trying anything new before an event or competition, is particularly relevant when it comes to sports nutrition. It is recommended that you allow at least 3 months prior to an event to start a new nutritional programme, especially with regards to weight specific events.

Weight Cuts

When it comes to certain events making weight is crucial. Cutting weight whilst increasing the intensity of your training can be tough, both physically and psychologically, especially when doing it on your own.

At You Nutritional Therapy we support you by using the personalised nutritional therapy approach, outlined above in combination with personalised and specific meal plans using Nutritics software, tailored to your details. We lay it all out for you so that you can focus on the main event!

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